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CSP Canonical LR(1) Parser Generator

Welcome to the CSP LR(1) Parser Generator site for C++.

Here are some of the features of CSP LR(1):

  • Can be used for free or commercial use.
  • Supports all OS and all C++ compilers with STL.
  • Simple, yet powerful grammar format.
  • Extend one class to implement action routines.
  • Can extend tokenizer class for enhanced functionality.
  • Produces all code necessary for syntax checking.
  • Extensive error checking facilities.
  • Table and state compression that rivals LL and SLR table sizes.

Under Construction

There is quite a bit of information involved in a parser generator. Especially one such as CSP LR(1) which uses its own output as part of its source. So keep checking as more docs are put up in the following days as they are put together.

Webmaster: Cléo Saulnier